May 29, 2014

The S.A.M. Story: EPILOGUE


Being awaken from her deep, anesthetized sleep she heard a subdued, distant voice, "Good Morning Beautiful.  Open your eyes."  Feeling groggy and some pain, smiling, she put out her hand and opened her eyes wanting to touch and see him, hoping he would be there, knowing he had come, someone she had waited for and sooo needed to see.  But it was not him.  It was the doctor. 

Saddened and disconcerted, this caused her to recall her final S.A.M she had sent to the publisher-" He was always just a fantasy I dreamed of and made into whom I wanted him to be.  He never was "real"."

Pain reeled through her, not from the surgery but from her heart, and tears ran down her cheeks into her ears, as she tightly closed hers eyes trying to push out reality.  Grieving the loss she had created.  She drifted off into a deep sleep, knowing that in this space in her life, she was physically alone and wouldn't ever be receiving the sweet texts she had yearned for and had written about.  

It had been her fingers, that had typed the words, that the story had come through, and yet she still acted perplexed and disappointed with the unfavorable ending.  Where was that magic wand?  Where were her messages?  Where was he?!

Her friend quietly helped her get into the car, placing her hospital belongings in the back seat and assisting her with the seat belt.  No words were spoken then, because good friends "just know" as did hers.  Getting behind the wheel, her friend reached over and squeezed her hand, looking with empathetic eyes directly at her and succinctly said, "It will all be o.k."  

Turning on the car, the radio filled the silent, dead space between them with music.  As she both longingly and blankly stared out the window, she braced herself for her new life that would now be filled with loneliness and immeasurable sadness.  Although he had just been a fantasy delusion, in an eccentric way, he had sufficed for companionship.  She now knew that once again her existence would be one lived in solitude with no "cyber" anything to fill the "space" in her life.

The words of the song playing in the background, typed their way into her head, making her listen more intently as she heard what was was the song she had written in her manuscript.....and it was his voice over the air her.....

Priceless and beautiful beyond compare,
With the rest of my life I want you to share.

I will stay no matter what, always by your side,
As we will now become groom and bride.
I will stay no matter what, baby will you stay with me
Not just for today but for eternity?.............

                                    THE END 
Note:  Although inspired by real people and events, (and real clothing I own) in my life, this story is fundamentally, fictional.

The S.A.M. Story has been "spread out" over a months time, so maybe it would be a different read, now that you are able to go back to the beginning, reading straight through, without the "cyber breaks".  Some pieces may also now "fit together" and make more "sense".  Enjoy!

 I said in the beginning (here) that I was trying my hand for the first time at a short story and I asked for your input.  

I want to thank all who offered words of advise and encouragement (sounds like my own little academy awards speech doesn't it?) and to the  faithful readers throughout this process!

As it really was an unpredictable process, formulating a full blown story, evolving as each day arrived!


  1. You took us all on a journey that will be forever in our hearts. Thank YOU for letting us share this with you.

  2. Thank you for taking the "trip" with me. "It's in the journey, not in the destination" right?!

  3. I loved it and hope you take us along on your next journey!

    1. Pack your bags, I'd love to have you along for the ride


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