May 1, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part V


With only 24 hrs to physically spend together, as soon as he showed her where she would be sleeping (he had generously given his room to her), she brought in her belongings from her car and changed her clothes. She liked to travel comfortably but he had invited her to join him on a bike ride so she exchanged her long silky dress for faded Levis,  more closely matching his casual, relaxed attire.  She braided and tied up her almost waist-length hair knowing it would obscure both of their visions in the wind and that she would have to cut it off to get all the tangles out that would develop otherwise! 

Her, 'I-never-really-want-to-do-that' list, was the only one that had motorcycle riding on it. Notwithstanding, she did not have time to vacillate about her decision as the day would quickly be gone, so she reluctantly and cowardly followed him outside.  To his Harley.

As they drove down the country road and made their way to the highway, she could not imagine how she could ever feel the freedom he had expressed feeling when he rode, as holding on tight was all she was concentrating on.  A blast of wind unexpectedly hit her face, and she nestled her cheek into his neck, feeling awkwardly and suddenly, physically near to someone she had only ever "verbally" touched. 
But to her surprise, an immediate closeness followed as she was literally 'riding with the wind', her arms securely around his waist and all of her body embracing his in an almost intimate way. Although it was out of necessity, she found herself attracted to the affection, making her receptive to the physical signs that were manifesting themselves so strongly. She wondered if he too could feel what was happening between them, which he suddenly and inaudibly expressed by reaching his arm back and patting her thigh with his hand, giving her a quick gentle squeeze.

 "This only happens in the movies that I escape in to find my dreams." she thought, as she savored the beautiful natural surroundings, smelled the scent of pine trees, and was "falling" faster than the speed they were driving. The crisp spring air was getting cooler as the elevation changed and she snuggled even closer to his bodily warmth aware of the fact that the weather and season were part of creating an experience she had never visited before but was genuinely starting to relish.

It was impossible for her to separate herself from what was quickly transpiring because she had no place else to go-to escape to-and her mind was not strong enough to tell her body it didn't know what was going on inside it.  Because truthfully, something had shifted and she sensed that he was taking her on a ride she would not soon forget.

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