May 6, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part IX


Laughing wholeheartedly and recklessly staggering while embracing each other like inebriated college students, they made their way back to the couch .  And in a way they were; they were drunk on emotions.  Emotions they had physically been deprived of for so long; ones that had been incarcerated, locked in the individual letters on keyboards and cell phones just waiting for their release.  Wanting to drink up the night-all night- indifferent  about a hangover, they reveled in the toxicity of it all, allowing the freedom deserving of their desires to take over.

Although they wanted to deny the realities of time, they were both conscious of the all-too- limited moments left.  With just a dim light coming from the kitchen and an assortment of selected music playing quietly in the background, the night had finally started to develop as they sat adjacent to each other.  A place and 'feeling' they had waited to get to.  A place of peaceful surrender.  A place now safe enough to "physically" touch and be touched.

It was the beginning of truly learning more, especially in the way of mannerisms and being able to closely study each other, things that can not be accomplished via distance.  And talking.  Actually talking, with the only hardware left between them being the locks on their hearts. Without restraint they consciously exchanged heart keys and let go.  Although it was the end of the day, their night was just commencing. They welcomely embraced it and each other.

Their time together " in person" was way beyond any galaxy they had designed through their "cyber-ship".  His kisses flat lined her heart and brain leaving her in another orbit, obliterating any previous memory.  Transmigrating, she was blind to where she now was.  He had taken her beyond infinity. And now she sensed what he had earlier tried describing of what bike riding was like for him, as she too had never felt so free: not wanting this ride to ever end.

As it may be difficult for an astronaut to define and describe all the adventure and pleasure of what it is like to see the moon up close and personal, neither could words of description define what was happening as they experienced each other up close and personal.  "Space" had been an excellent educator for the enterprise they were undertaking.  Only for them, a one-way experience was their ticket to a place of no return.  At least never again as they had known it.

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