May 3, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part VII


The list of positive qualities was lengthening for him as she added 'great cook' next to 'likes to dance'; his meal being incredibly delicious.  Sharing his company with her dinner was like the dessert for her and oh, how she loved dessert!!

As she sat across from him conversing , the pieces she had configured; contrived over space, were now interlocking fantasy with reality and she liked the 'real life' picture that was forming and that it was creating. As has been said, it is much better in person.

He had a beautiful smile and a seductive voice and laugh, drawing her weakness' out like poisonous snake venom.  The antithesis and only available cure right then was him and lightheadedness was setting in so she needed it soon, only he was unaware of her condition..... or he may have offered assistance.

He finished loading the dishwasher and invited her to come into the living room, imitating Vanna White, motioning her to the suede couch.  He sat next to her and for the first time ever, since she met him, they were facing each other so close their bodies touched causing the original reservedness to return. 

He held out his hand and she took it thanking him again for dinner and the day spent together so far. Oh, what even the simplest form of human touch can do to our vitals.  She traced each of his fingers on his hand with hers then spreading her fingers flattened her hand, letting the upper palm of her hand gently massage its way up his arm swirling it around from fingers to palm along his skin so soft and smooth.

His forearm had a tattoo of his family's name and she meticulously followed each letter with her finger as a third grader would who was learning cursive.  They talked about his tattoos and the stories behind them.  Unlike him, she had 'virgin skin' as getting a tattoo was also on her: "I-never-really-want-to-do-that" list (along with riding a motorcycle).  He was about to change that.

He excused himself and came back from his child's room with a cup of mini Sharpies.  He had shared in one of their phone conversations, a S.A.M. that he liked to draw and was pretty good at it,  so her body was now to be his canvas.  He stipulated, however, that she couldn't see it until his work was done.  It would be a surprise!

His first choice was her ankle.  She reclined back on the couch as he sat on the rug pushing her dress out of the way, holding her foot in his hand, with his finger first tracing his design, then making his way up her leg.  He said, "You are going to love this"; leaving her wondering just what his imagination was concocting.

The venom was only spreading as talking and laughing and feeling him gently touch her while designing, was making her delirious.  When is he going to be done? she wondered.  She then heard, "Ta-dah." and was finally permitted to look; to view the finished work.

Although she wasn't sure what to expect she was pleased to see a heart with a detailed intricate outline.  That was a S.A.M. she had shared as her favorite shape and she was touched he had remembered.  What she wasn't ready for was the blue and silver star inside the heart.  He knew she loved football but also that she despised the Cowboys-his favorite team.  He was right-she was surprised! She reached down and swatted him playfully as he pulled her down next to him.

Anti-venom may be a rare commodity but it saves and changes lives as it did hers right then.  He informed her that he wasn't done as he had one more tattoo he wanted to add.  This time they traded places, with her sitting on a pillow on the floor and him on the couch behind her with his legs on each side of her shoulders. 

Needing to have access to the back of her neck, he gingerly slipped her dress down over her shoulders.  Each time he got close to her or she exposed more of herself to him she became self conscious, concerned he may suddenly see something he didn't like and be let down-her original fear.

He didn't seem to notice though as he immediately started his new project.  It tickled as he drew, while kissing her neck making it impossible for her to be a good model/student.  Had he chosen washable markers over permanent, his work would have been smeared. 

As he worked he shared stories of his childhood and his fears, and the pains he had experienced, and where his inspiration for the current tattoo had come from. Although she was loving the flirtatious interaction, his vulnerability made him irresistible to her, causing her to want to stop what they were doing and reunite.

Finally finished, he sent her into the bathroom to see his piece of resistance.  Using a hand held mirror to see his work she saw elaborate, beautiful wings with the words, 'slegnA eht htiW peelS' underneath. 'Sleep With the Angels' was something he would cyberly "say" to her at night as they departed.  A phrase she hadn't heard before but that she came to love as it always felt like a hug from him and brought her comfort and warmed her heart.  Tonight she would literally have an angel in bed with her.

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