April 29, 2012

I Have Tesseroo

Dialing the number on the dog tag around her neck, the man said, "I have Tesseroo."
He described over his phone in detail how she had come into his possession and went on about how sweet and cute and well-behaved she was. 

When he finally took a breath and inquired as to how to make arrangements for returning her, the person on the other end asked, "Who is Tesseroo?"

Double checking the number the man apologized, realizing he was one number off when dialing.

Is it only me or have any of you ever gone on and on about something only to find out later that you were "off by one number"?

Unfortunately for me it isn't a stranger's lost dog that I'm wrong about.
That would be acceptable. 

It is usually someone I know well or think I do.
I think I am so sure that I know them that I give detailed descriptions of my side/my version of how it appears to me without stopping long enough to breathe and ask if it is even accurate.
When I am done I'm off by so many numbers it's become an international call!

I had found the dog but did not have the means to make the call, so a man across the street from where I was walking helped me.
As I stood there listening to him, it was much easier and more apparent for me to see that he might be off track as he kept talking.
Why is that?!

"Tesseroo" is now the new code word for making sure I have all the facts correct before making assumptions that I am right.

Maybe I can get my own tag to hang around my neck as a reminder?
....Just in case I get lost?

"Begin challenging your own assumptions.  Your assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in."  ~Alan Alda

April 14, 2012

That Suspicious Smile

You know the smile I'm talking about?

The one that shows up on some people's faces and there's no one else around!

On the way to work yesterday morning I saw a woman riding her bike on the opposite side of the road coming towards me. 
She had "that smile".

At first I smiled to myself because it made me happy to see someone else so radiantly happy but a few seconds later, I wiped that smile off my face and started the judgmental inquisitions. 

(It's more relate-able if you read this part with attitude).
"She doesn't have headphones on so what is she listening to?"
"She's not talking to anyone on a phone so what's the cause for her joy?"
"She's riding alone so it can't be a fun companion making her smile now can it?"
"Why then is she so upbeat?" 
(FYI-I learned to emphasize like that from my teenagers.)

I then put her in the "crazy" category and started thinking of the other people and places I had seen "that suspicious smile".

It would seem as if I would have reached my destination after all that time of producing negative thoughts but it was just a matter of a minute or two.  (I have apparently become very efficient when it comes to finding fault.)

I continued my routine drive and what should appear?  No, not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer!  (That would have been more palpable and comforting.)
It was that magic mirror!  Not the one that says 'you are the fairest one of all' (I have not been able to find one of those...) but the one that says 'who made you the smile police?!'

That mirror works in the same department as the sorting queen does.  They are very close.
Ms. Sorter is spokeswoman for Mr. Mirror.

So here it comes:
Mirror:  "So what is really making you uncomfortable?" 

ME:  "You!"

Mirror:  "Try again"

ME:  " I was being influenced to feel good by a crazy person!  I actually smiled too!" 

Mirror:  "And what if she wasn't crazy?  What if she was just content in her life and that made her happy?"

ME:   "I am envious.   How can it come so easy to some?"

Mirror:  "It doesn't.  She has worked hard and made a decision to find peace no matter what situation she is in.  Because of that she has been able to find happiness and joy in the everyday things in life."

"Oh", I reply as I take a bite of my breakfast McHumble sandwich.  Boy do I need to start that diet soon!

DISCLAIMER: As to not appear to be a total cynical blogger, I am not always so negative and yes, sometimes I do genuinely smile with the "crazy people" and feel really good after I do!
"Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad."  ~Norm Papernick

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."  ~Marcel Proust


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