August 14, 2012

This Is What Happens When We Aren't Secure

I rescued this shelf from a roadside trash pick-up.

Well, it didn't start out looking like this.
It was a put-together storage shelf that just needed a little TLC and it would be a nice piece to have around.
A perfect DIY project!

Then what happened you ask?
Well, being the naive, inexperienced- truck-borrower-driver-transporter that I am, I did not secure my awesome-to-be-shelf.
I was only going a short distance.
It was an area I was familiar with.
And I thought I had it all under control.  Really.

What I didn't account for were the bends in the road.  
The turns that were more sharp than I had guesstimated.
The challenges I did not see coming that would sway my shelf out of control.
Truthfully, I didn't really even expect a problem.
What could possibly go wrong is this short amount of time?

So I wasn't even really paying attention.
That was not until I heard a crash!?
Then it really was roadside kill! 

You should have seen me scrambling to pick up the pieces out of the middle of the road before anyone was aware of what I had done.  (Looking over my shoulders the whole time-yes shoulders).
Or before anyone else would be affected by it.

Now in several pieces it was not quite beyond repair but a much, much bigger job than it had started out to be.

Sometimes this happens to us in our lives.
There is something that we need to work on, to improve, to just tweak a little to get ourselves back in our best shape.
To regroup and safely secure us.
But we get lackadaisical about it.
We take for granted that we know ourselves so well that we don't have worry too much about it.
Or we just ignore that there could be a bigger problem up ahead, a bend in the road.
We do not notice that we are starting to sway-a little too much.

Then when we least expect it, we crash and things fall to pieces.
Something we weren't expecting and therefore not prepared for.
And what started out to be a simple fix has turned into a big project.
Maybe no longer a DIY project but something we need outside help with.

My advise to myself and anyone else who may be insecurely swaying back and forth:
Take the time to tie the wobbly, loose ends in your life down-before you can empathize, oh too well with Humpty Dumpty.

To be continued.......

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