June 10, 2012

Where Did I Go?

I have been missing.

Not in action (I have still been very busy).
Not my mind ( I lost that a long time ago).
Not the sun (we have more than our fair share).
But from blog-ville.

There was only one other time I missed a whole month.
That was last December when we had some trying times.

This is different.

There are many changes currently happening in my life and the common denominator for them is $.

Because my money tree is not producing fruit sufficient for my needs, I am in one of those corners life offers me.
Actually, offers is a nice word.
It is more like a time-out corner where I cannot emerge until I have a new plan on how to deal with what course life is taking. 

My new venture is to try my ideas of selling my furniture and other bargain finds.
It isn't a new, novel idea out there, but it is not exactly what I would have imagined.

The way this opportunity came up is a blog post in and of itself which I may someday post.

As for now, I have been busy working on projects and trying to get the business end in order.
I don't know exactly what course this is going to take, but one of the first things I am going to try to do is open a new blog featuring my furniture and other items I have configured.

Wish me luck!
I am anxious and fearful about the unknown,
And also excited and anticipating what new path my life is headed on!
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