January 29, 2014

Happy Anniversay

It's my blogs 4th year anniversary!

Happy anniversary to something that 4 years ago felt impossible!

That just goes to show that we CAN do hard things!

Thank you to All who visit & read me!!!

January 12, 2014

The Cybership: Acceptable Insanity (SHORT STORY)

I decided to try my hand at a short story.

As the hands of the clock approached midnight, unlike the classic fairy tale, the night was just beginning.  At the click of a modern-day mouse, the magic would commence-with one letter at a time; transforming ordinary words into extraordinary descriptions of a secret life just waiting to be expressed.

The fact that she was computer illiterate (a Luddite at that), had little effect and was not a deterrent to keep her from typing and texting out the life she had longed for but had only experienced vicariously; mostly through movies made to melt a woman's heart but bore a man while making him squirm. 

She spent hours configuring- if only- in words.  Painting pictures between lines, of vivid moments depicting what love looks like in an "us bubble"; too ideal to be true, yet too true to the heart not to be pursued.

She was able to formulate thoughts, dreams, and ideas, anywhere and anytime; often making it difficult to concentrate on her work at hand.  Sometimes even blurring reality with her fantastical images and thoughts surrounding her new project-that of creating something which before seemed improbable.  That of a cyber-ship.  A relationship formed and bonded in space.  The space of time and verbiage.....something she had honed to an art.

As the interactions became frequent and consistent, so did the anticipation of advancing to the next level.  The physically, non-physical level, accepted under the circumstance yet still desirable.  A level mixed with skepticism, uncertainty, and vulnerability.  A level probable to cause concern for one's sanity if ever exposed.  Yet she continued to wait for the change, the sign, that it wasn't insane at all, but possible and even inevitable.  And during an exchange of promise, it happened without notice.

Hard drives and hardware could not keep her from feeling the warmth of his kiss as he moistened her mouth with his, causing her emotions to drown any sensibilities--that what she was experiencing was impossible.  Because for her, every vital sign in her body testified otherwise.

So what'd you think?


January 2, 2014

The 70 Degree Snowball Fight

My little friend's brother brought home a truck load of snow from the mountain.

When I arrived at her house the next day I was surprised to find there was still some melting remains of  dirty, hard packed, ice-like snow in the bed of the truck.  (You can tell I have little experience with the cold stuff!  I don't even know how to accurately describe it.)

Heck, it was 70 degrees out.  I didn't really believe I would be able to follow through on my promise to have a snowball fight with her!  I was just pacifying a child's wish with, "Sure we can".

It never occurred to her that it might be likewise.  We were going to have a snowball fight!
And we did.
Oh, we had to get a stick to loosen up the frozen mixture, but we found enough "good stuff" to throw at each other. 
(Even to get some down my shirt.)
She in the bed of the truck and me reaching in.

 And you know what?
I had a blast!
A total blast! 

I found myself laughing those deep belly laughs that don't come as easy to my not-so-seasoned-as-callused-self, compared to my young counterpart who is just a few days shy of being the old soul of 6 years.

And in that moment I was grateful that I was participating in and being reminded of how much fun play is.
Of how important it is.
And how much I have missed it in my life.
And needed it.

How much we all need that belly laugh to help us forget the serious things in life in exchange for the fun things once in awhile.
Oh, it didn't fix any of my challenges, but oh, how just for those few moments, I had something more important and immediate to do than worry.

I needed to enjoy life!
And for those heart beats and breaths that I will never get back, there was not a more efficient way to invest them than there.
The return on them was phenomenal! 
And that I believe is partly what hearts are made for.
Joy....Pure Joy

"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects."  ~Arnold Glasow

“It is cheerful to God when you rejoice or laugh from the bottom of your heart.”
Martin Luther King Jr. 

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