June 14, 2015

Men Are From ESPN, Women Are From Hallmark

I like to share little things with the customers at my work and I found a use for the little hearts I had left over from our Valentines tables.  For couples who are celebrating their anniversaries I give them this:

Then I ask them to hide it from each other as a sort of "love game".  (I know, I need a life... it's romance by proxy). 
I was happy to see one man so enthusiastic about it as he said,"I can think of 3 great places right now where she will NEVER find it!"
"Honey, the point is to hide it so we can find it , and be reminded of our love for each other." his wife said.
The competitive ESPN heart stopped beating and the gleam left his eyes, as he realized it was a real life Hallmark chick flick he was going into.

"The people in your life who don't need an invitation still like to get one." ~Robert Brault, rbrault.blogspot.com
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