August 16, 2011

What About The Lumpy Dress?

What About The Lumpy Dress?
I have this dress that looks like a very long T-shirt.

Actually I have two of them.

I am not sure where I got them.
But I do know I had them for years without ever wearing them.

I would reveal too many flaws if I dared put one of them on.

So why do I still have them?
Because you do not get rid of things you may someday be able to fit into.

Guess what?
Yep, that's right.
I now wear both of them.
A lot!

Oh, I fit into them alright.
All thirty pounds or more of me that I have gained.
Talk about revealing flaws!
I can be on commercials for Quaker Oatmeal of what lumpy oatmeal looks like (in a dress).

At a time when I could of worn them and probably looked just fine, I self critically refused.
Now when I could be using some advice from What Not To Wear, I wear them anyway.

If I studied the bowlful of lumps in the mirror, that happens to be in the shape of me, it could make me never want to eat a bowl of oatmeal again (or wear those dresses).

But I don't.
Or I try hard not to.

Is that a good thing?
Well, it may not be for my children or neighbors but it works for me.

I am comfortable.
I am o.k. with me.

Do I want a less lumpy physique?
Yes, of course that would be nice.
But I do not want to dislike myself to get it nor do I want to worry about "what others will think".

This lumpy dress thing has been good therapy for me.

I don't want to get so comfortable that I quit worrying about my weight altogether,
but I do want to be so comfortable that I lose weight because it's a healthy thing, not a critical motivation.

Anyone for an oatmeal cookie?

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