May 4, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part VIII

Because this "Part" is based on a song, there is a link to listen to the song along with the story to make it more relate-able, not to mention just plain ol' fun to hear!


Anxious to thank him for the amazing artwork and wanting to confess that perhaps a tattoo wasn't "that bad" after all-maybe even a little exciting-she headed back to the living room.  She couldn't help but smile as she heard music again, this time the brass instrumental  introduction to an old school Fankie Valli song.  It was a tune even her children would recognize and could sing to as it was one of those "universal classics".

She knew he was "fun", one of the qualities she'd noticed and loved the first few minutes upon their initial meeting so long ago, but she wasn't expecting what happened when she turned the corner.  The words of the song had started but it was his voice serenading her.  She now vaguely recalled the mention of a karaoke machine.

"You're just too good to be truuuoo, can't take my eyess off of yooouu, you'd be likke heaven to touchh, I wanna hold you sooo muchh..." dumbstruck her right hand went up to her mouth, her fingertips pressing against her bottom lip. " long lastt lovve has arrivvved, and I thankk God I'm alivvve, you're justt too good to be truuoo, can't take my eyesss off of yoouu..." 

In spite of the fact that her eyes were smiling from inside, she simultaneously was awed and caught off guard by what she walked into.  And much like the unsuspecting, but grateful home make-over-reveal recipients, tears started to form from the profusion of emotions arising.  

Granted she knew it was just a song that was moving her, yet it was a reminder of how he had previously told her numerous times, like the lyrics, how he still remembered her beauty at first sight and how taken aback he was.  She never knew how that was possible as it was such a brief original meeting but she always hoped it was true and that he meant it.  Nevertheless, she loved the 'Good morning, Beautiful' messages she would regularly receive and anticipated them; looking forward to opening her texts. They would invariably make her day!

It had been a few seasons since she had been told she was beautiful, and whereas she didn't often feel it, especially as she aged, she couldn't help but want to believe someone found her desirable.  And that wanting was enough to momentarily convince her.  Something he had successfully done. Not knowing if she'd ever feel 'Perfect and Gorgeous!'  as her older co-working gentleman would respond when asked how he was, she was however feeling more confident.

Her left hand made its way to her face next to the other, folding her fingers and exposing her knuckles pressed against each side of her mouth her eyes looking up, lifting her shoulders to her neck , reflecting elation. He continued singing,"pardin' the wayy that III starrair, therezz nothin elsse to comparrair, the sight of youu leaves me weakk, there are no wordzzz left to speakk...." breaking the daze, she suddenly reverted to a five year old who had just seen the new puppy she'd been begging for, come into the room; she half jiggled, half hopped up and down squealing, "Mmmmmm" at the wonder of it all, now placing her hands down on her partially bent knees, her bottom sticking out, moving back and forth...."but if ya feeell like I feeell, please let me know that it's're just too good to be truuoo, can't take my eyesss off of yoouu...."  

At that moment, as if someone had just whispered something in her ear on cue she instantly became an impulsive, reckless teenager, uninhibited and unconcerned about looking "foolish".   She had an idea!  Although the song was only half way through she instantly turned and scampered back towards her room looking back and shouting laughingly behind her, "Wait, wait, waaiittt, stooppp....staarrttt it over again!..."

Once more, not knowing what to expect, -which was a hallmark quality of their relationship-making that part of the enticement; he did as she requested, restarting it and letting the music continue with no words.  Unaware of what she was doing, but determining by her reaction it was most likely something pleasant, the unpredictability made him even more anticipatory of what would happen next.

Then as the first verse repeated itself and it came upon the musical interlude in the middle of the song, she came sauntering into the room to the beat of the du da du da du da duta ta du da du da du da duta ta du da du da du da duta ta du da du da duuuuuuuuuu........  Not expecting what he was seeing, his mouth dropped and his eyebrows raised.  He skipped the next stanza as there was no room left for words in his head as a result of the all the images forming of her, replacing  them. He was due to sing , "I lovve you baabe and if it's quite alright, II need you baabe, to warm the lonely night....but couldn't, so she mouthed the words instead, entrancingly motioning him with her forward finger/hand gesture and engaging smile, to "come oonn, sing with me!".

Quickly regaining his stoic composure, he resumed singing; with her this time, "II lovve ya baabee, trust in mee when III sayyyyy.....oohhhh prettyyy baabee don't bring me down I prayy, ohh prettyy baabee now that I found you stayy, and let me lovve yoouu baabee, let me lovve yoouuu"....It was extremely challenging for him as this was happening while she was dancing along with her long hair swinging back and forth in a taupe and dark blue, pin-striped button down,  fitted, Italian dress shirt that she had swiped from his closet.  Looking like a completely different piece of clothing than when he put it on, it was as if he was seeing it for the first time. It was something that he never would have foreseen coming and that knocked him out of his calm, cool, collected element and off kilter in an enticing, unexpected, unanticipated way! 

It was now her turn to play Vanna White displaying her fresh tattoos gesturing with her hand slowly down her long leg towards her ankle and the heart.  Not wanting to miss out on sharing the most important one she was so proud of , she then unbuttoned two more buttons and with her back towards him slightly slid the shirt back down much like a shawl to show off her newly acquired "wings", moving amorously to the music while on exhibit. 

He had always found tattoos on a woman attractive.  And although it was his work and 'fake' at that, he still found himself utterly and romantically attracted to her and her tattoos, maybe more-so because it was his work.  Irresistible would best describe where she was on his radar and albeit he was weak and susceptible and exposed; portraying control was no longer an important facade for him to uphold.

When the verse started again, she glanced around and found the television remote as her microphone and started singing to him. "You'rrre justt too good to be truuuoo, can't take my eyess off of yooouu, you'd be likke heaven to touchh, I wanna hold you sooo muchh...", she sang as she approached him looking into his eyes and running her finger over his hat rim, tracing his face, and going down his neck, following down his shirt front. Brushing flirtatiously close as she walked around and behind him she sang, " long lastt lovve has arrivvved, and I thankk God I'm alivvve, you're justt too good to be truuoo, can't take my eyesss off of yoouu..." 

This time at the instrumental refrain du da du da du da duta ta du da du da duuuuuuuuuu!!... she discarded her microphone and deliberately took a step for each beat, stopping to sway in front of him just as he had done to her in the kitchen. Obliterating her timidity and insecurities she moved and swirled her whole body down like soft ice cream slowly going into a cone.  

Coming up, she grabbed her "microphone" just in time for the words, and stalking towards him almost shouting, sang, "I lovve you baabe and if it's quite alright, II need you baabe, to warm the lonely night..." Coming face to face singing to each other as country star-singing duets do, they looked directly into each others eyes and were singing through them, down into their hearts and deep-seated ecstasy.  And despite the fact that he was an "eye" guy and hers were a simple brown, it was the deep complexity of what was inside them that was so dangerously alluring, revealing things that wouldn't be exposed even verbally through "space".  At that moment for him, it stopped being about eye color and became about what was buried behind them.

For her,  seeing the profound affection and sincerity in his eyes- taking all of her in- dispelled any uncertainty and self-doubt she may have had left; and right then she knew that to him, she was and felt "Perfect and Gorgeous!"

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