May 13, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part XIV


Although she didn't have much in the way of belongings, packing was unpleasant as trying to condense everything in the way of recollections, pleasures and feelings of the last 24 hours into her compacted, heart-shaped "suitcase" was challenging.  She refused to leave anything behind, filling empty gaps with emotional souvenirs and mementos she would later cherish as her 'land-line' back to him.

She came out of her room to find him waiting for her with a packed lunch, once again gaining "points" and making it even harder to walk away.  Looking deep into each others eyes as they had when singing to each other, they could see through to the deep-seated passion and pain, wordlessly bonding their hearts.  Making their desire for each other unbearable and on the verge of uncontrollable.

They silently held each other close, not wanting "space" to once again come between them but knowing at least at that moment, at this time in their lives, they would have to let go.  She had told herself not to cry, but her eyes didn't get the memo. Tears, like a river, carried heartbreak and unspoken words downstream, down her face.  Oh, how she wished for that fairy tale magic wand that solves all of life's problems with just a wave.  She wanted to stay.  She wanted it to be her new life; the one she actually woke up to and went to bed to everyday and night. The one that she had yearned for most of her life. She wanted him.

He too wanted her.  When something wasn't working, his M.O. was to not stop until he "fixed it".  This however, was something even as a mechanic he could not find the answer to through a book or computer or even through a seasoned expert.  This was something that would take meticulous consideration.  This was their hearts, something that had never been broken into so many interchangeable pieces making it hard to separate the two.  This was love, something never covered in his training. 

He took her hand leading her to the door.  The same door that she had felt unease approaching just 24 hours ago, was now a place she dreaded leaving.  Going down the steps, her words of self-encouragement were now for her hopeful return someday and to console the tears on the brink of cresting. It was hard to say goodbye wanting to keep the other as their own personal, human, hand-held devise.  He firmly but lovingly embraced her for the last time, placing his lips over hers, and like with their first "cyber kiss", every vital sign in her body testified he was real!

She drove away looking in her rear-view mirror wondering why or how she had ever felt unease and apprehension, as this had turned out to be the best "space" she had evverr been in!  

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