May 18, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part XVI


As he sat there on his porch he already knew what his decision for the future was going to be.  What it had to be.  Although the music was so loud it could vibrate things off his living room shelf, it wasn't loud enough to drown out his soul.  The "words" spoken there, inside, were sent 'Morse code', causing his heart to pulsate, doing 'dots and dashes' to every beat for her, transmitting a message that even a novice could accurately interpret.

He thought about some of the "talks" they had had and how she had told him that she believed there were no 'chance' meetings.  She believed that God crossed peoples paths because they each had a lesson to learn from the others presence.  And although not everyone chose to learn the lessons presented, the opportunity was always there.  

She believed that although he was handsome, charismatic and charming, he was so much more.  She saw through to his heart, his sweet spirit, his intelligence, and his sensitivity.  She saw who he was born to be.  She saw through to him.  The gift that he was.  Something that had gone unnoticed with many of the women in his life.  A mistake that made her sad, as his heart had gotten hurt because of it, leaving him too with a broken wing, skeptical and reserved, closing off part of himself to letting love in.  

But over time and through "space" he like her, had started to believe that he was "Perfect and Gorgeous" just as he was.  That he didn't need to impress her as she loved the parts that others had missed.  That beyond the physical image of " societal manhood", that he had worked so hard to establish and keep, she found the greatest man in his ability to be vulnerable and real.  That discovery is what had lured her to hunger and thirst for him in a way that was rooted in the recesses of attraction, passion and desire, wanting to share and spend her whole life with himThat discovery is what made him know he couldn't let her go.

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