May 7, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part X


Except for the aquarium light, the music and lights were turned off darkening the house and leaving it silent.  Not his customary routine as an earlier S.A.M. had revealed that he always went to sleep with music on.   But knowing she had to wake early for a long drive home, he offered up his comforts for hers.  Something that didn't go unnoticed by her from their first encounter.  Something that had been manifested by some of his actions of how keenly sensitive he was to the needs of others.  Another trait she was immediately drawn to.

Alone in her room, she was exhausted not only from the days events, but from all the emotional preparation and expectations that had been incubating inside her since they had set a date in place to finally meet.  She plopped down sideways on the bed remembering she needed to charge her phone but being too weary to go to her bag and retrieve the devise.  She glanced at her phone to double check the battery usage and smiled.

He lay his head on his pillow, with thoughts of her and the day rewinding themselves through his mind-feeling elated and rapturous, along with being drained-both emotionally and physically. Stopping at certain "moments" to pause and zoom in on them, he wished he could literally replay, re-feel, re-enact them- at least just once more, delaying and stalling them for as long as he chose.

She contemplated what he thought of her and the fusion of their two cosmos. Did he still think her to be beautiful at nights end?  Had he savored the 24 hours as much as she had?  Did he think she was as much fun as she thought him to be?

Feeling even more confused by the days happenings as a whole and the emotions they had shared-and already regretting the goodbyes that would come riding in with the sun-he was annoyed when his phone blooped alerting him of an incoming message, breaking his euphoric trance.  That is....until he saw that it was from HER.....the girl down the hall!

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