May 8, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part XI


The words on his screen read, "wanna guess what I'm not wearing?..."  He chuckled, shaking his head and then immediately wanted to bound down the hall to her/his room, but instead sent back...."A hat".  If only he knew how reckless and playfully romantic this made her.  She laughed so loud he heard her down the hall as she responded through the technological means they had used for their main communication the last six months, texting, "THAT is also right....".  He couldn't help but smile.  He loved playing with her as much as she with him!

He typed in "socks", but again was only partially right.  As he was typing in, " are not wearing..." as his next "guess", he heard a tap on the partially opened door...or did he?  It came again, this time combined with his name....."Hey....does this person accept midnight visitors?" she whispered.  True to his poised, charismatic self, he nonchalantly replied, "Of course this person does."

She pushed the door open and he could see her silhouette from the illuminating moon coming through the window behind her.  She felt her way around his bed hearing his breathing getting stronger as she got closer.  He patted the bed with his hand and she sat down beside him.  Not exactly sure what to expect and not wanting to lose the moment, he waited for her to make the next move-to set the tone.

She spoke no words but laid her body down on the blankets beside him, which tightened them around him making him feel like he was in a sleeping bag.  With her back pressed up against him, he automatically pulled his arms out and put them around her.  Although they were physically close and touching, their thoughts were in two separate worlds although neither realized how congruous they were.

The question came again but this time it was from her lips, with passion and emotion, "Wanna guess what I'm not wearing?"  There was something different in the way she asked it.  The whit and humor she so loved about him suddenly disappeared as he lay there quietly still-surprising even himself- not sure  where this was going.  His mind internally juggled the plethora of thoughts and emotions of five people in one.  He knew what he wanted it to be.  "Want some help?" she finally asked.  "Please," was all he could respond.

She wiggled her arm free and held up her hand and said, "A ring.  I am not wearing a ring."  It was not even something he would have guessed had he had one hundred chances.  Nor the direction he was hoping for it to take.  Yet it should not have been an epiphany.  It was a "cyber" conversation they had had numerous times as she had shared early on as one of her S.A.M.'s.  She wanted and needed marriage again.  He just hadn't expected it to come now.  He had been so enthralled with the adventure of how the whole day played out that it had escaped him.  Maybe subconsciously he hoped if he "forgot" about it, if he denied what he knew, that the end result wouldn't be so.  Did he really think that boyhood diversion could still work?   

She then reached back and patted him, much in the same way he had done to her on the bike.  At that moment turning over towards him she put her arms around his neck and gave him a warm, long, tender kiss.  Then she quietly got up-releasing the confining blankets- and walked back towards her room- pausing at the door with the moonlight reflecting behind her.  Pressing her fingertips of her empty hand to her mouth, using the universal hand gesture, she then gently blew the sentiment his way.

"Sleep with the angels", echoed through the room.

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