May 9, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part XII


She knew that if she ever wanted to fall asleep it would have to be "with the angels" because they were the only ones who could hold and heal her aching heart.  It was her S.A.M. that had been shared from the beginning yet it had it's obstacles.  Marriage.  Big enough to alarm, to frighten someone to the point of abandonment.  Him...being that someone.

She wanted a guarantee, a promise.  She yearned for, but additionally needed someone who was willing to commit, for the long hall, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for eternity, and not just 'till death do you part'.  And because of the obligation tied to her request, she knew it was a possibility she could lose him altogether and once again, be alone and lost in "space". 

As he tried to contemplate about what had just happened, his thoughts alternated between his current lifestyle and the possibility of an immensely different future with her in it.  It was too much for him to comprehend and internally embrace at the time as he was spent in every form of the word, having worked at his job almost a month with no time off.  Without awareness, a deep sleep washed over him.

The night was quickly passing as she laid awake watching the morning light start to push the moon away. Unlike the first meeting, she now consciously knew she might not ever see him again but desired for nothing more.  She ached for reprieve to the pain in her chest, her soul, causing her to once again make her way to his room.

As he lay there sleeping, she quietly walked closer as to not wake him...standing there for a long while taking all of him in.  His face, every part of his body, his passion and love; she absorbed it all.  She was creating a permanent memory of an experience that she would duplicate in her mind until it was either revisited by him or her memory failed her; as he had taken her places, no visa had a stamp for.

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