May 2, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part VI


Returning to his home, her face felt numb and gritty from the ride. She wiped it with a damp cloth, again donning her comfortable dress, then informed him she was going to lie down for a few minutes. That is a S.A.M. he remembered her sharing. Her daily 20 minute naps were not only rejuvenating but vital to her ability to function the rest of the day. She had been taking them for years. She closed her door and her eyes and was in a anesthesia-like induced sleep before she could even begin to count back from 10.  

She awoke to the wonderful aroma of home cooking and muffled music softly playing, although so muted she couldn't even hear the words.  As she opened the door she recognized the song playing as one she had previously sent him through a link asking him if she could "have this dance".  It was one of the fun but strange things about the cyber part of their relationship.  

He looked up from the stove with a 'Well, hello' smile asking, "Remember this song?".  She stopped and listened, shook her head, paused, and said, "Umm noo." His facial reaction changed to confusion and hers also changed.  She presented her infamous beguiling smile with lips drawn together, eyebrows lightly raised, dropping and tilting her chin to the smallest degree-like a photographer asks, ever so slightly-causing her to look upward, and with eyes that sparkled with glistening words all over them that said, ' You don't think I did it do you?' she started to laugh. Through chuckles she said,"Of course I remember!"  Her unpredictability was one of the things he immensely enjoyed about her.  

Without saying a word he took her hand, leading her to the make-shift kitchen dance floor and he started to sway to the beat.  Unprepared she just stood there with joyful eyes, biting her lip.  He had told her in a past S.A.M. that he liked to dance but she hadn't imagined how effortless he could move. If he hadn't had her full attention before, he sure did now!  She thought, "Ohh, if guys only understood what a man who can dance does to a woman! They would re-prioritize and invest in dance lessons way before purchasing an automobile."

Just as she was starting to get self-conscious and anxious about looking goofy if she started dancing with him, (why did she not have a problem doing it alone at home and "telling" him all about it?!) the food needed attention, and he resumed his cooking duties. 

Ambivalent, she was both frustrated with herself and relieved she didn't have to follow through so he wouldn't see through her insecurity. She had been saved by dinner.  

Their time together was, as Cinderella's; limited and quickly passing away although they appeared unconcerned of the fact that they were not going to be able to personally acquaint themselves thoroughly with what little time was left or at least it seemed so. And if they were cognizant, they consensually chose oblivion over that fact, perhaps, because they had anticipated and fantasticalized this meeting everyday for months and were going to savor and put into fruition every intention they were so desirous of.

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