April 27, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part I

"Fiction is a piece of truth that turns lies to meaning." 

Part I

They had met by accident, well, chance really.  She was with a companion who stopped by to see his friend for a quick visit.  It however proved to be just long enough to inadvertently start a friendship that would extend through space and distance, turning by all unofficial definitions into a cyber-ship.  A relationship, except for the initial encounter, formed and bonded through verbiage and "space".

It would have all started and ended that same day except he had a dog collar that needed returning and since she lived in the city where the store was located she volunteered to make the trip and exchange it for him.  That simple gesture would begin a journey of her heart venturing to places not marked for visitation on her vulnerability map.  
 As they corresponded through the unforeseen obstacles of the transaction and successfully completed the drawn out dog collar exchange, neither wanted to end the magic that had started to happen through modern day technology.  Typing and texting one letter at a time, they spent much of their moments transforming ordinary words into extraordinary descriptions of a secret life just waiting to be expressed.

Although on so many levels unrealistic and even improbable, they continued to configure-if only in words-what love would look like in an "us bubble"; too ideal to be true, yet too true to the heart not to be pursued. 

She was able to formulate thoughts, dreams, and ideas, anywhere and anytime; often making it difficult to concentrate on her work at hand.  Sometimes even blurring reality with her fantastical images.  As he contributed, it made it even harder to not be drawn into a life she so longed for but had only experienced vicariously; mostly through movies made to melt a woman's heart.

As the interactions became frequent and consistent, so did the anticipation of advancing to the next level.  The physically-non-physical level, accepted under the circumstance, yet still desirable.  A level mixed with skepticism, uncertainty, and vulnerability.  A level probable to cause concern for one's sanity if ever exposed.  Yet she continued to wait for the change, the sign, that it wasn't insane at all to elevate their climactic future, but possible and even inevitable.  And during an exchange of promise, it happened without notice.

Hard drives and hardware could not keep her from feeling the warmth of his kiss as he moistened her mouth with his, causing her emotions to drown any sensibilities, that what she was experiencing was impossible.  Because for her, every vital sign in her body testified otherwise.


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