April 29, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Part III


Reassurance from him and her 'inner supporter' encouraged her to revisit the site, this time with a renewed and anticipatory elation.  She couldn't believe she was actually on her way to see him "in real life"!  Only this time it was a purposeful meeting for them, not just the meeting of two chance strangers.  

To say she was teenage-giddy as she drove the quiet, lonely, country highway to him-that felt a times much shorter than it was because of the prospect that lay ahead for her-could not begin to explain what all was going on inside her as her whole being was caught up in it.  She sang along jovially, articulating the words loudly to an old CD full of "fun" love songs she had brought along to set the mood, heightening the anticipation for the meeting they had so often discussed through "space".

She had conjured up images and scenes of what it would be like to see him again after half a year of solely cyber communication, not even remembering exactly what he looked like and wondering if he remembered her.  Had she known her heart was going to encounter him again she may have been more aware of it all.  She may have paid more attention.  All she remembered was his welcoming manner and ease in conversation and laughter that he brought.  Something that stood out for her and she would later recall with favor.  

Still she could not help but wonder if mere words that had lured them towards each other would be enough to connect them and keep them together.  Would the longing and want still exist without the safety of spacial detachment?

It was "the kiss"-although "non-physical" then, that moved things to a different level now.  It not only advanced things in the essence of time, but in the desire to bridge space with presence.  Physical presence.  Cravings had strongly influenced and dictated this meeting, leaving the expectancy of unknown, unpredictable, uninhibited emotions and actions "out there".

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