April 1, 2014

You Are Just A Little Kid....

I was informed by my 6 yr. old friend:
"You don't know these things.  You're just a little kid in an old body."

What she didn't realize is how accurate she was/is.

So many times throughout life my emotional self has felt (and behaved) much younger than my physical self. 
I do feel like I am just a kid at times.
And sometimes I want to be void of the responsibilities of adulthood and  just be a kid too!
Have you ever entertained that idea or acted that way? 
Well, I have... as past posts on this blog can attest to.
(Some things should not be bragged about...) 

Recently, I
have felt like I am in an old body too.
So all in all, maybe I don't know all I thought I did, as she is right-in that on some days-I am just a little kid in an old body.

"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened." ~Jennifer Yane

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