April 13, 2014


My friend and I invented this new game before we were really good friends to help us get to know more about each other.
It helped us a lot because we were not in the same town, so some of the things you learn from just being around someone physically, we didn't have that opportunity to see and learn.

We call it S.A.M.s.
S.A.M. is an acronym for Something About Me.
We share something about ourselves the other doesn't yet know.
It is informative and fun and even insightful, opening up great conversations.

Sometimes what one person shares spurs the other to piggy-back on or add-to something about themselves they might not have thought of before.  
I am surprised how similar I have found myself to be with the other person on some things when we play this game.
Some random examples that might be shared are: The smell of bus exhaust has special memories for me, or I like to sleep with a fan on, or I can't stand sorting socks because I had to do it all by myself for my whole family when I was young, etc.

What I found is that this can work also for estranged loved ones we are reconnecting with.
Or co-workers we are wanting to get to know better.
Or family members around the dinner table as a conversation starter.  (It is also a way to invite teenagers to share when they otherwise might not, making it more comfortable if everyone else is taking a turn....or not....we are talking teenagers....)

The thing about S.A.M.s is that they should only be used for fun and to get to know more about someone.  
They should NEVER be used against someone (ever or communication may be negatively affected) unless you or someone were in some sort of danger and then you should be sharing it with a trusted person or authority.
(But then I wouldn't be calling it a "game" anymore either.)

Although I have known some of my friends since high school there are still things "I never knew..."

A real S.A.M. -     I used to worry that people would not like or read my blog-now I don't care (although I appreciate that people support me!) because I am doing it because it is fun for me!!

What's your S.A.M.?

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