April 22, 2010

Pounds to Dollars - EXERCISE / WEIGHT UPDATE

I just wrote that to get your attention.
The part about $$$$.

I will not get money for losing weight.
That is unless I am Jared from Subway or Marie Osmond on Nutrisystem.
Or I might..., if I invent some new diet that works while I am brushing my dog!

My starting weight is 3,487 lbs.
My Goal: To lose between twenty and thirty pounds.

I do not usually worry about the numbers (I know that is not what I said about the doctor's scale...) as much as I worry about how I feel and look.
That way I am not obsessing over eating one Wheat Thin (who can do that?) (or pita chip for all you Trader Joe fans)  or worry about drinking water because it might look like I gained a pound when I step on the scale.
(Imagine what I'd weigh after therapy!  See April 9 post.)

Right now I do not like how I feel.

I do not like huffing and puffing after walking up the stairs to my house.
There are two of them.

Or needing a nap after flossing my teeth.

Or not being able to talk more than one and a half minutes on the cell phone because my arm is too weak to hold it up to my ear any longer.  (NO, I do not have a 'tooth' that goes into my ear!)

I also want to play 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' without using a pointer.

This week I am starting my third week of exercising.

I am still getting sore in new places.

The other night when I was taking off my necklace, my arm pit hair hurt.
So I shaved them.  
That hurt even worse!
It was the stretching it took to get to those hard to reach places that was painful.

If you are a male and don't get it, try it.
Shave your arm pits.
Your hair will be back in 24 hours or so and you will be better able to relate to women.
(I am not sure what good that will do for you, just added it.)

I will keep you posted on my weight loss and my exercising and my pain acquisition.

"The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends."~ Author Unknown

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