April 26, 2010

Off Balance

It has been tricky for me to find time to blog with a change in my evenings.
I am off balance.

Well, that isn't anything new.
I have been told I'm 'a little off' most of my life.

But what I am trying to get at is that
Part of my imbalance is the time I take to exercise.

This is the start of my third week.
I think I already said that last week didn't I??
(Confusion-another side effect of exercise.)
But this really is the third week this time.

Guys, it doesn't seem like I am making much progress when my machine says,
"Workout Summary" 
Calories  27
Distance   1.21
What am I working so hard for??

Well, I continue because there is one machine that has a celebration for me each time I work out on it.
(Even if I am only on it for 2 minutes!)
It reads, 'Goal Accomplished!' when I am done.
Then there are flashing lights and sounds similar to the ones coming from a slot machine when you win.
I almost feel like I am in Vegas!

It makes a big deal out of a small deal.
I am so happy I clap for myself in the end.
(Who cares if I only walked up 1 flight of stairs!
It is more than the 2 steps leading to my house!)
Depending how celebratory I feel I might even try a repeat performance.

Also, although I said I am not big on numbers,
(you can't believe everything I say),
I lost 2 1/2lbs.
You keep playing that funky music stair stepper.
It is working for me...

It always takes me awhile to adjust to a new schedule.
I will do my best to add something at least every few days.

Between winnings and confusion that could be a challenge.
A challenge I'm up to.

"Never eat more than you can lift."~ Miss Piggy


  1. "Never eat more than you can lift."~ Miss Piggy

    But a 1000 chocolate chips aren't too heavy, right? They are so little, they can't do that much harm...



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