April 30, 2010

Lost and Found

Remember the two-and-a-half pounds I lost?

Well, I found them and they are back!

This is not a good thing people.

Some things are better off not being found.
(Like things in the back of your refrigerator.)

Or little fatty-micro-mini-munchkins who disguise themselves as cottage cheese.
And burrow into your thighs and other places!
Little Miss Muffet is the one who showed up with the merchandise at Lost and FOUND.
(Was is so hard for her to keep her Curds and Whey to herself?)

I am acting like the innocent, (bitter) victim here,
who looks at the scale with a lawyer's poker face,
But I do know that eating a Tonka truck full of brownies
can have something to do with the munchkin revolt.

I can admit that I do have a thing for the 'brown stuff'. (April 11 post)
There are sooo many chocolate yummies in Denial.....

I do not want to blog about numbers for awhile.
They are 'weighing heavy' on me! 

"Chocolate is an antidepressant, which is especially useful as you start to gain weight."~Jason Love

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