February 2, 2010

Didn't Expect to Age...

Well of course I expected to age.

There was a time though that I went in reverse and was told how much younger I looked.

I was hoping that that would 'keep going and going and going...' The Energizer Bunny meets Mrs. Benjamin Button phase. 

 Apparently it didn't!

Well it has kept going, pretty fast actually, but in the other direction! 

Button, Button who has my Button?

Today Dr. Oz was talking about spider veins vs varicose veins.  Ugh!

He's really cute. 

The veins aren't.

 I sure wouldn't mind him putting support stockings on me...

Lesley Jane Seymour writes in her editor's letter in the Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010 More magazine, "...please check the bulletin board..., where I've posted a picture of my old thighs-you know, the ones that were firm and lean and fit into my sleekest pants.  I woke up this morning to discover that new thighs have moved in, all mushy and puckered and shot with a spider vein or two.  I'd like the others back, please.  I'm offering a $10,000 reward."

That pretty much says it all more or less.

It's all coming together for me now.  I asked for slippers for Christmas and these are what one of my sons bought me.   

 Add another personality to the mix!

There may be some advantages to this personality.  It looks like she keeps her legs covered!
Maybe she knows something we don't....

 Note Pete's' comment about his 'Button', remembering of course that this is a G-rated site.


  1. Dr. Oz is not a reliable medical source, he is more like the grocery line version and to be cute for the lady folk. Not to say anything about people that watch him, but I think he is more worried about ratings than helping. That being said I think I have only seen part of one show so, my opinion isn't worth a whole lot. On a nicer note I personaly like your humor better than the bathroom humor I have to hear at work all day.


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