February 20, 2010

'Inconvenient Sick'

"The phrase "working mother" is redundant."~Jane Sellman

 'Inconvenient sick' is the only kind of sick that mothers are allowed to get. (And some fathers too)

'I.S.'  is when you are dragging and you do not feel quite up to your normal self.
But you can not stop, be sick or get the rest you need.

You can never get 'REAL SICK'.

Because if you do...

who will pack the lunches,
find the missing shoe,
do your homework,
nurse the baby,
sign the consent forms,
"make her stop touching me",
change the diapers,
go to work for you,
do the laundry,
be the chaperon,
be the Dr.,
and the nurse,
and the secretary,
and the therapist,
and the lab tech,
and the janitor,
and the pharmacist,
and the x-ray tech,
and the general surgeon,

and the heart specialist,

and the vet,
and the gardener,
and the cook,
and the entertainer,
and the dishwasher,
and the librarian,
and the bather,
and the crowd controller,
and the singer,
and the comedian,
and the audience,                                                                                                    
and the scientist,
and the judge,
and the comforter,
and the encourager,
and the teacher,
and the artist,
and the house keeper,                                                                     
and the musician,
and the cab driver (or maybe limo mini-van driver),


and the referee,
and the historian,                                                                    
and the playmate,                                                                                         

and the defense attorney,
and the dentist,
and the nutritionist,

Who will sign permission slips,
find his glasses,
give the spelling words,
sew the patch on,
be the helping classroom parent,
bake the brownies,
make the party bags,
cheer their team on,
"make her stop looking at me"

buy the groceries,
design and make the costume,
feed the pets,
wash the uniform,
put gas in the car,
buy the birthday present,
know where the extra poster board is,
know everything,

And who will keep the family going,
and yet help the family stop and get sufficient rest,

keep the family healthy,                                                                   
hope everyone still feels loved at the end of the day,
pray your heart out,
cry yourself to sleep,                                                                
pass out from exhaustion,
And get up and do it again tomorrow?

Do not ever underestimate all that you do!

Add to the list: Make time for yourself!

"Not much emphasis has been placed upon the part that women played in the settlement of the Western Empire.  In this we are but following the general practice of men throughout the ages.  Women bear the burdens of the household, carry most of the responsibility of rearing a family, inspire their husbands and sons to achieve success; and while the latter are being given the applause of public acclaim, the wives and mothers who really merit recognition and commendation remain smilingly content in unheralded achievement."~David O McKay

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."~Tenneva Jordan


  1. I'm honored to know you. You have no idea how you have touched my life. I'll be following - thanks for the "heads up" text today. "A" ~ mother of four

  2. I giggled as I started reading the list of all Moms do - then I became exhausted! And then awestruck. With only one child, I don't feel worthy of being called a mom like Moms of multiples (and multiples). All I can say is...WOW. Put your feet up and have a cold one! You Moms deserve it!


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