August 17, 2014

The S.A.M. Story Update

Similar to a Hallmark movie I was watching, the authors' reading audience wanted to know if her male character in the romance book was real, as they had fallen in love with him.  I had that same question come up with the S.A.M. Story.

Here are the facts:

The S.A.M. Story was based on a "real" person I met, but the happenings after the initial meeting are fictional.

The actual second, story-based-meeting and experience between us as written about, never came into fruition although it might have been fun to have had that opportunity and see what really would have happened.

Ofttimes made-up stories have better plots and endings because we can dictate the outcome to be how we would like, also forming relational characters to be as someone we "dream of" meeting.  That's the fun part!

Time itself can teach you a lot of things you never knew or were aware of before, about yourselves and others.

It was a fun experience and I learned a lot in writing that story, as I had never written a "short love story" before.  I would try my hand at it again.

I am starting to work on another story:)

You were a GREAT audience!  THANK YOU!

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