August 7, 2014

Love Is Like That...

"But I don't understand" she said
"If it was supposed to be this way, we were supposed to be in each other’s lives, then why does it hurt so much?" 

"Because my child love is like that." He said
"Sometimes it fills our hearts with so much joy and warmth; it encompasses our whole being,
 And other times the pain and sadness feel so intense it is as though we will be overcome by it."

"Then why do it at all?"She wondered,” Why even bother to love?"

"Because, my child, without it, we would never use our tears that are necessary to water our heart that it may grow with each experience" He explained
“Tending the garden of our soul, helps us to comprehend and experience in no other way possible, the immense love one can have for another.  It is so that you can know and feel for yourself from within, how My heart feels about You.  So that you, can with compassion and empathy understand and are able to feel what PURE love is."

"Oh" she replied as she wiped away the tears.

"Tears are alright.  They are the price we pay for love, care, and compassion in the world."~ Jeffery R Holland

"It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember."

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