August 5, 2014

Dear Love.......How Did You Get Here?

It came unsuspectingly as ofttimes love does.
Without notice, or prior arrangement.
In a quiet sort of way, catching us off guard.
I wasn't looking for it, and I'm sure it wasn't looking for me.

Isn't that probably the best kind of love?
One that isn't preplanned, that has no previous expectations, thus no disappointments?
Just what would naturally evolve over time. 
On it's own.
(Sounds like some narrated, Hallmark movie...)

Well, that is how it happened with us.
We just met unexpectedly when co-workers introduced us and it started from there.
I can't speak for them, as for me- that it was love at first sight- but there was sure a curiosity to get to know more.

Each day we found ourselves waiting to be reunited after work.
Almost dependent on one another for our daily interactions, sharing meals, and snuggles.

It didn't take long before all that caring for another turned into compassion, causing hearts to expand with love as we watched and experienced us growing through it.
Each of us looking forward to our meetings, happy to see each other, "making" our day.

From past experience, sometimes, ofttimes, I have been hurt by love leaving when I wasn't ready for it to end.
I knew that this was a good possibility from the start as we were different breeds, but I did not want that to stop me from fully being who I am.
And to not care and share myself and allow another's sweet heart and life into mine just because I wanted to avoid the pain that comes from loss.

And you know what?, that time
I had to say goodbye to the sweet love that had entered my life and touched my heart just a short while ago.

But I am not sorry, and I would do it again,
Because the joy I had in that short time, and the love that I grew to have and share, renewed and energized my belief in love!;
even knowing in the beginning, that there was a good possibility it wasn't going to last forever.

Dear Love,  
I don't know how you got here, but I'm glad you came, and I hope you visit again soon!
Kitty Foster Momma 

Here are pictures of my latest love who just went to their new home today:


 "For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love." ~Carl Sagan

 "True love stories never have endings." ~Richard Bach  (Thanks, Bonnie)


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