December 16, 2010

The Shelf On The Elf

One of the Kindergartners told me about an elf who showed up at his house.

This elf on the shelf moves around "spying" on him to report back to Santa about his behavior.

It had made me suspicious as I looked around the shelves in my home.

Was there some mini-midget with pointed ears and tiny shoes stalking me?

What would his report state (about me) to the Big Guy up North?

* Has red nightie.  Flannel. 

* Thinks Christmas is still two months away.  

* The only holiday baking smells are cinnamon Red Hot gum.

*  No decorations. 

*  Currently on vacation in Denial.

*  Wonders why the news is highlighting houses decorated in festive lights in sync to holiday music.

*  States that her shopping is done (because she isn't going to do any.)

*  It sounds like the cat is purring to the tune of "You're a mean one..."

P.S.  Did the Grinch have a wife?


I am not sure what happened, but when I got up this morning there were the likes of miniature Ruby-like-Slippers sticking out from a fallen shelf. 

(It closely resembled the tornado stricken Kansas house accident.)
Did I mention the slippers fit perfectly?!


  1. Reyna, you sound a little blue today. Come on now, I recall some advice from someone about how you can still decorate for Christmas no matter how you're feeling (although I haven't done it either).
    I've got my hammer and soldering iron out but they're not yet giving me much inspiration for a gift. This could be a challenge. Be well.

  2. Not at all.

    I am just being Grinchy but I am not sad about it.
    Maybe embarrassed?

    Just thinking I might get myself more into the spirit.
    And I plan to next week!

  3. No decorations? That's fine. I've lived more than half of my life without holiday decors nor even a gift, and I turned out fine in the long run. Christmas is more about what your heart feels and listening to it.

  4. I agree about getting more into the spirit of Christmas! My sister came down for the weekend and asked me if I was going to do any decorations. I said, yes, I think I'd like to start a new tradition every year and dedicate it to something important to me and those I care about. So I'll create an intention for this project and see what what sort of display I end up with.

  5. Reyna, come over and eat Christmas lunch with my family and me tomorrow! We eat at 1:00 and will gather at noon.

    Okay?? I have a tree up.....and decoration.....does that entice you??


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