December 5, 2010

The $ Cents-Less Budgeter $

Hopefully I can consistently share a featured money-saving tip.

I just happened to find one yesterday.
(And I wasn't even looking.)
Actually, budgeters ALWAYS have their keen eyes open.

I have always had dry skin and found 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Oil of Olay Moisturizer to work for me.  (Except I'm starting to question the anti-aging part...)
I have used other products I prefer, but this one fits in my budget.
Today I bought two. I will explain.

NOTE: Although I would like to say it is, this is not a picture of me.

Keep track of how often you have to replenish something that is on the higher priced end (for me that is $20.00- $30.00+) so that you know when it is coming time to buy it again and you can budget for it.
To originally find out when that was, I wrote on the bottle with a Sharpie the date I bought it. I then logged when I had to purchase another one.
For me with moisturizer that was every 3 months.
Keep track for at least 2-3 cycles so that you can get an accurate idea.
(I know it's a pain at first but will pay off as you get into a budgeting routine.)

I buy the 3.4 oz bottle at Sam's Club.
When I was there today I saw this ad next to the product.
A $20.00 rebate with a $50.00 purchase. 
(Sorry I could not turn the picture?!)

So I decided to buy 2 bottles knowing I will use them and I rarely see rebates at Sam's.
I spent $55.90 on two bottles before taxes.
I will get $20.00 back in a Sam's Club gift card.
That means a savings of almost 36% making each bottle cost only $17.95.
Not too shabby as the smaller version at Wal-Mart costs almost $21.00.

Although this isn't a smok'in deal, it works for me because my family has 5 birthdays in  February that I will be spending for.
(That is when I would be due to purchase another bottle.)

****If you are not a member of Sam's Club, on the Olay website or here, there is a similar rebate for $20.00 also.  It includes more product choices so may be easier to reach.

So what if you don't have an extra 30.00 laying around?
I have a steal-from-Peter-to-pay-Paul account just for these times.

So where does this $ come from?
I have gotten this money from different means.
My daughter has some money at my house she leaves for safe keeping.
So she won't spend it.
(So I do it for her instead.)
She knows I use it and I always pay it back the next month.

It can also be from your savings (I'll address later how you get that when you are already so poor)
Or if I know I have a guaranteed income coming real soon, I will borrow from a bill due at the end of the month.
(I will explain at a later time on how I setup my bill paying .)
I do not borrow money that would charge interest for that defeats the purpose of savings.

NOTE: This rotation ONLY works if you are disciplined enough to only use what you need and repay it the following month or sooner if possible.
There is also a cap,when I can't buy.
Even if there is a great sale, if my stash is empty, I do not steal from Peter and Paul's friends also.


The info provided here is for informational purposes only.

I should not be considered a financial adviser and I am not a substitute 
for seeking financial permission from a spendthrift friend, spouse or child (preferably a nonverbal one.) 
Always seek a telemarketer, Ouija Board or a incoherent bystander should you have concerns regarding spending, sales of any kind or impulsive splurging on whatever it is that is possessing you that day.

"Thrift was never more necessary in the world's history than it is today."  ~Francis H. Sisson

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