December 22, 2010

I Won't Ever Do It Again!

Bar blog hopping that is.

It has the same effect that looking at the swimsuit issue a fashion magazine has on me.
It's disheartening! 

I have accidentally intentionally happened upon these  
delightfully decorated homes with enough Christmas charm to re-shrivel the Grinch's heart or cause an overdose of "crafty cuteness".

I then look around my place and start talking to the invisible people who reside here, complaining about the lack of ____ or surplus of ____.
(The blanks can pretty much be filled with anything you I can think of.)

I am not feeling warm and fuzzy after these blog tours.

So I am not going to hop anymore.
I won't ever do it again!

(Now if someone can just make them ME quit Following me them!)

1 comment:

  1. I sometimes see green when I view blogs with gorgeous homes - immaculate and neat. Then, reading blogs where it seems the person is not only well organized and does it with ease, I still see green. But, I realize that we are all blessed with gifts and maybe, that's theirs.

    I hope you have a magically wonderful Christmas.


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