December 6, 2010

Make Her Quit Looking At Me!

Remember the Mirror/s?

The past couple of days I did not like the reflection I was seeing.
In my mirror!

Because it was none other than me!

I could not blame it on my carnival/gypsy past
(because I never had one),
Nor could I accuse someone else, as I was the one yelling,
"Who is the fairest one of all?!" 
(Or at least whose opinions are?)

Thank goodness my son who was on the other end of the line,
cleared the blur by wiping my mirror off with Windex or some other humbling cleaning product (he had to hang up the phone to do it.)

When he called me back and spoke just of the 'good parts' of what I had said,
I commended him for being such an amazing son, husband, father, and man.

He said it was because I was the fairest one of all.

Well, what he really said was that it was because he was my son (that it was because I was his mom.)

I would like to take all the credit for him taking the higher road,
but my method of forgiving is a lot more bumpy and has a slow ascent, incline(ation).
I am no where near as mature or as loving and quick to pardon and forget as he was.

Thank you for looking past all my the cracks and imperfections!

"Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it forgoes revenge, and dares forgive an injury."~E.H. Chapin 


  1. Reyna, it sounds like you're being a little hard on yourself. Everyone has their cracks and imperfections and likewise, everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Forgiving someone else actually does more good things for the forgiver than the forgiven. Much like a bone can become stronger after being cracked and then healed, a soul can be forged into something stronger thru the act of will.

  2. My gosh, Reyna, I LOVE that quote at the end by E.H. Chapin! I'm going to remember that and probably steal it (to share)!

  3. Ed- Thank you for that reminder.
    You are so right about forgiveness.

    Anon- You go right ahead!


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