December 4, 2010

NEW!!! The $ Cents-Less Budgeter $

Hang on....
Unless you are new to my blog,
You know that you will have to read through the fine print before I get to the cheap stuff.

As I am wasting my days and nights perusing around the blogging world, I am finding out how different I am than many of the bloggers I am reading about.

For instance, I am not married to the man of my dreams.
Heck, I am not even married at all!
(Thus one income)

I have raised five children as a single parent.
Just having five (or 8 at once) children is an oddity nowadays!
(And sort of insane!)

I do not live in my dream home.
(Although it can become much closer to it with Nate Berkus paying a visit to me.)

I did not and do not love every minute of parenting.
Some moments are downright painfully hard!
(I get suspicious of people who say they do.)

I do not have a formal education beyond a semester at a junior college.
(Yet all five of my children have graduated from or are currently attending college.)

I do work at a job that I love!

AND I live below poverty level and raised my children (according to the guidelines), close to extreme poverty.
I can say we have been very, very, very blessed,
And we have never had to do without necessities.

As I have Windows shopped (I made a funny) a variety of blogs, I have not seen money saving tips on my $Cents-Less Budget$.
(Budgets, like people and chocolate, come in all sizes.)

So I decided to add a new feature (?) to my blog 
And to share some ways that I have found to save (or spend) money.

As with the original purpose of my blog,
I hope I will share something that may be useful,
or at least spark some creative financial embers
(making sure not to burn a hole in your pocket)
and maybe help you or someone you know to keep their common cents.

Let's get senseless Cents-Less!!!

"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need."  ~Vernon Howard



  1. Reyna, I'm really looking forward to this! Even though it's just me and my 21 year old daughter, I'm trying to make it off of a small income. Bring it on!!!

  2. Reyna, I'm looking forward to some advice about buying groceries, I've haven't had to do this in many years and could use some help. I need to learn how to buy groceries responsibly. :)

  3. One idea...I only get the Sunday paper and I do that mainly for the coupons. Then I only cut the ones for products that I ALWAYS GET. This week I spent $1.50 on the paper and one coupon I was excited to see is for my contact lens cleaner (Clear Care - it is for people who are allergic to the regular kind and it is expensive). The coupon is for $3.00 off. So I surely came out ahead!

  4. No, you're not wasting your days and nights perusing around the blogging world, my friend. You're connecting with the world out there which is made possible by this awesome thing called internet - and there's nothing wrong with connecting with others. I like your idea of sharing money saving tips. Keep it up!


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