September 20, 2010

How Old Is Old?

"Everyone is the age of their heart".  ~Guatemalan Proverb

I had a birthday last week but my children were not able to all get together until yesterday.

When I came home from church they were at my house.

They asked me if I wanted all my candles on the cake or if it would make me sad.

I said it didn't matter.
As long as there was one candle to blow out they could do what they wanted.

(I happen to be really proud of my age because I have worked really hard to get to this point- so a bonfire was o.k. with me too.)

Anyway, they had a light-bulb moment amongst themselves
And whispered as they secretly hid their new idea for the candles.

This is what was lit up across my cake:

Squinting your eyes may help.

Do you see OLD in there or is my eyesight going too?

(Maybe I should be cognizant of the AARP and Scooter Chair mailings I have been receiving?)

"Old age is fifteen years older than I am."  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. What's that saying? Old is in the eye of the beholder? or is it young? Ha Ha! I don't remember...
    At least your kids were having fun with it. :-)

  2. I had fun too as it brought me a laugh AND a blog post!

  3. You know, old is in the word "gold" and "bold". Those are both power words and that's what you are. I'm "old" too although my kids tell me that I'm not at all...that 47 isn't considered old. I'm glad that you have a great sense of humor and had a wonderful birthday celebration.

  4. Thank you for enlightening me about the 'old' words!
    I like that idea.
    Thank you for your kind words.


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