July 13, 2010

Dear God, Can You Please Send Me A Johnny Lingo?

                                                                                                        "Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it."

What a Johnny Lingo is NOT:

A Johnny Lingo is not a mixed drink although there might be one I don't know about.
(It'd be a HUGE hit with women!)

A Johnny Lingo is not some sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret.  (I always thought it was Victoria Secrets- Like Ryan Seacrest's mom or something.)

Nor is a Johnny Lingo an upscale outhouse with a sound system.

What he IS:

Johnny Lingo is a Polynesian man who saw in a woman what no one else did.
He wanted her to become his wife.
So he payed 8 cows for that right. 
An unprecedented amount, especially considering she was a homely girl.
Good wives sold for 4-5 cows tops.
The price of 8 cows was more than had ever been paid for a wife.

Because of his actions Johnny became the joke of the island.
Although he had a reputation for making a deal,
He became mockingly known as 'the foolish man' regarding that transaction.

Five months later when a tourist came to the islands and heard about what Johnny had done, she wanted to meet him.
She traveled to another island where they had moved to and found a beautiful woman as his wife.

When she questioned how this could be, he explained that a woman would not feel good about herself if she knew her husband had paid a low dowry for her.
But he said, "Imagine what happens to her when she knows she is worth more than any other woman in the islands?"
"It will show!" 

Johnny proved to his wife that her true worth had nothing to do with what others saw, but only what she truly was.

"Human love is dependent upon the value of the object.  The  Love of God is not dependent upon the value of the object, rather it creates value in its object."~Johnny Lingo movie

Johnny Lingo is the kind of guy I'm hoping shows up at my farmers market with his cows in tow.
All 8 of them! 

"Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?"~Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II

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