March 1, 2010

The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

I have had some draggy days.
I do not know if that is a 'real' word but it so describes how I have been feeling this past week.

I have been sick with some sort of bug that has made me tired and achy.
For that I can say I am dragging.
Thank goodness I am at a point in my life where I can take some time to be 'real sick'.
I honestly do not know how I did it all those years when I had no choice but to plow forward.
I must acknowledge that God knew of my responsibilities and had to have had His hand in my well-being.

My heart has also been sad this week.
I do not know if I will ever fully understand the cruelty of others.
Or what motivates some people to be so insensitive and mean.
What posses a person to treat someone like that?
That is a rhetorical question.

So with a heavy heart and not much energy to carry the weight, I have had some emotionally, draggy days.

But the sun always comes up tomorrow or sometime there after.
Of this I have no doubt!

 "It's not so much what happens to us but how we deal with what happens to us."~James E. Faust

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