March 14, 2010


More confessions.
I am not swimming in money
or oil

or filth

or the ocean

or anything else for that matter.

(Although I have been known to swim in self pity.)

So the real part of the confession that I was trying to distract you from is that I do not own a camera.
Well, I do, but it is the kind that I have to explain to a 3 year old ,"No, you can not see the picture right now, it has to go to the camera man and he will make the picture."  
Also, as has been announced more times than needed, I am not very computer savvy.
Add camera savvy to that too.
So really this is a disclaimer for my lack of original pictures and the poor quality of some I may have made an attempt at.
I was hoping to add a beautiful painting by a friend to my upcoming blog about divorce but have not been able to get access to it.
I do not want to delay anymore- so I will post without, at least for now.
This has been an unpaid announcement.

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