March 29, 2010

The Bridge To My Heart

This is a mini story I came across that I wrote many years ago.
I thought I would share it with you.

"The Bridge To My Heart"


    I never could have imagined that a
business venture to look at an enclosed
kitchen window would eventually lead
to the building of a bridge to my heart.

    Had I been aware of that possibility,
I would have acted in a more professional
manner.  I would have kept the distance
necessary to work in a more objective state
of mind.

    Feelings that had been dormant for
so long were about to be stirred.  They
came unannounced and even uninvited. 
And as with uninvited guests, they caught
me off guard.  What were supposed to be
simple questions to help understand the
client became complex answers to
understanding me.  Then my heart got in
the way.

    How could I know that building that bridge
would forever change my life?  Little did I
understand that there are some bridges we
might be better off not crossing. 


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