June 6, 2010

Aah, If Life Could Be Like a Game of Solitaire

"Old card players never die, they just shuffle away."~Author Unknown

 My mom brought me a new computer when she came to visit for my son's graduation.

Out of the kindness of her heart and desire to make me a card shark (I think) she put an icon to Solitaire Shortcut on my new screen.

She may have just been showing off her 'skills' with the computer as a senior citizen, to her Luddite daughter I suppose. (I don't say S.C. in front of her) - (unless it means discounts of course.)

What I am sure of though is that each time I see that card icon, my mouse goes to that Ace of Spades and oh, so, wants to click there.

I hadn't ever played Solitaire on the computer and it has different rules than when I was a child dealing cards to (and with) myself.

But I found some things I like about this game that I wanted to share.

If life were like Solitaire:

~The rules are set.
They are predictable.
I can not make up my own rules to guarantee success.
(Unlike the 'flexible' ones I used to play by.)

~You can not cheat, but if you do try to, it gives you the benefit of the doubt and has some helpful-pointer-pop-ups of what you can and can't do.
It does know what you were trying to do.

~You can click the Undo choice and it can reverse your last move.
You get to try that play again!
This especially comes in handy when you can see a better choice than the one you originally made or when you did something you wish you hadn't or didn't really mean to.

How many of us would like the option of "Do-overs" in our lives?
(Especially once we have seen what the results will be of a certain action?)

~There are 'sounds' that come with certain moves or choices that are made.
So you know what just happened or will happen.

~You are always given the option to continue, end or re-try.
At the click of a button!
How many times in life do we get that kind of offer?

~It tells you the truth.
"Sorry, you lost this game."
No tiptoeing around Vegas here...
(I'd have to go to Denial to get that.)
(Or adopt an elephant.)

~It offers encouragement and hope.
With "Better luck next time."
I guess that could be taken as sarcastic if I was looking for a fight, but I am not going to let some 'theory' or 'assumption' of what I think might be a different meaning get me down.
I am taking it as I want to hear it.
(Could be a valuable relational asset to use with real people??)

~There is a support team available.
With how-to, step-by-step instructions to guide you.
Have you ever said, "Life did not come with an instruction manual?"

~Even if you got all the full suits you still have to place each card in its proper order at the top all the way down to the last one to get the credit of being a 'winner'.
Ever heard of needing to 'Endure to the end?'

~It is really hard to lose (almost impossible) if you really want a win. 

~And finally what probably is my best, is that it let's you know when it's over.
If it allows you to keep playing, there are or is still a move left.
If not, it tells you.
"There are no moves left."
I really appreciate that because I could keep trying and trying and trying to make it work.
When no matter how hard I try it would never make a difference.
(Ever been there?)

Life IS like a game of Solitaire after all, isn't it?

1. The rules are set.
2.  Someone always knows if you are cheating.
Pointers/tips are always available if sought.
3.   You can try again.  (After confession.)
4.  Sounds of sorrow or joy follow our 'moves'.
5.  We can choose to continue, end or re-try our choices.
6.  Eventually the truth finds us (even when we try hard to deny it.)
7.  We have hope and encouragement available if we accept it.
8.  There is always a Divine Support Team ready and willing to help us for the asking.
9.  We must complete the whole game to win.
10.  It is possible to win if you so choose.
11.  We are protected from pursuing something endlessly that would be a waste of our lives.

"One of the healthiest ways to gamble is with a spade and a package of seeds."~Dan Bennett

Thanks Mom!


1 comment:

  1. This concept really rings true and sounds so familiar.

    "There are no moves left."
    I really appreciate that because I could keep trying and trying and trying to make it work.
    When no matter how hard I try it would never make a difference.

    Makes me wonder why I kept trying to keep something going for so long that was already over.


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