June 27, 2010

If You Are Ever Wondering, Just Talk To a Child

If you ever ask a 3-5 yr old child how old his mom is he may say something like:


Older than me


7 or maybe 8

She's really old.  Like 16!


I don't know, but I know my dad is one age older than her.

One day at school a five year old boy told me that he'd gotten married to his sisters friend over the weekend.
When I asked how he knew what a wedding was and that they were married he said, "Because she gave me this ring and said this is your awfully wedded husband."

While eating a Popsicle during snack a young girl asked, "When you get a brain freeze does your whole head turn to ice?"

"My dad loves Pickle trucks!"  Translation: Pick-up trucks

I was expressing to the children at my table during snack that I was going to miss my son.  I explained that he was going to graduate from college and move far away to a different place.
One boy quickly consoled me saying, "It's O.K.  You can get on an airplane or just text him!"
(Why didn't I think of that?!)

While on a field trip to the wildlife preserve, the ranger asked the students, "Do rabbits eat meat?"  And a kindergartner yelled out, "No, they are meat!"

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  1. "Awfully wedded husband"!! I love it! Kid's say the darndest things.


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