March 3, 2013

Dear Prince Charming,

Dear Prince Charming,
Where are you?!!!  
I am still waiting......

Not aging so gracefully,

Look closely.  See it?  It's Cinderella's 21st century "glass slipper"!!   Sure it looks like a stiletto but times and fashion have changed ?!

Her shoe is hooked onto a stop sign in my neighborhood. That is why she wrote this letter. 
Because Prince Charming hasn't even picked her shoe up, let alone even begun to look for her!

OK, we have to talk. 
How many of us are waiting or have waited for Prince Charming and nothing?
We went to the ball, danced all night (or almost), heard and believed all these promises about loving us, and always being there and never letting us go, and wanting to spend the rest of our lives together and poof.  
All gone in the chime of a bell (or text or some other form of message).  (Or nothing at all).

In us trying to do the right thing and rushing to get back home (or to some of our other responsibilities in life we have), we lost our footing shoe.
We were just trying to find balance.
And yet now here we are all alone.
We have not heard anything from the Prince with all that charm!  
(Who named that guy anyway?)

Where is he?  
Where are you?!

So how long has it been?
How long have we been waiting?
How long do we intend to wait?

Maybe when the Bible talked about being patient this is not one of the times it was talking about.

People.  Go back and get your "Slipper" yourself or go get a new pair, but do not use the excuse of not having it all, hold you back from going on with your lives!

If he hasn't come through, he probably isn't.
And if his memory was clouded (for whatever reason) and he can't remember what street you were on, he can get out his GPS.
If he really wants to find you, he will.
Quit making excuses for him!

Until he does come back (if that is in his plan), let go of the lost possession.
Unless you are the Old Woman with all those children who serve broth without any bread and actually needs her shoe to go home to, move on.

Do not let someone else hold you up at the stop sign!

In the meantime.
I hope you dance....

"Love cannot be found where it doesn't exist.  There's a difference between being patient with someone and wasting your time." ~Unknown Author

And nope,that is not my shoe-although I have been known for waiting....


  1. {Melinda} Such wise words, Reyna! So many women sell themselves short and settle for less than they deserve.

  2. Thank you Melinda.
    If only we women as a whole believed it and lived up to our worth, the whole world would change!


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