March 17, 2013

Between The Rocks In Our Lives

We all have rocks in our lives.
Whether we want them there or not.

Everyone of us has rocks somewhere.
If you hear someone claiming they have cleared all the problems  rocks out of their lives forever...get suspicious.
(That could just mean they threw them in their neighbors yard.)

That is because there will always be some boulders in life that are permanent and are too big to remove.
Those may come in the form of health issues, our childhoods or our pasts, loss of loved ones, or other such painful experiences.
And sometimes smaller rocks just "show up".
So what do we do with all of them?

Perhaps with all the rocks, trials and adversity that are a given in the gardens of our lives,  we can plant faith and hope flowers.
We can find and enhance the beauty, the blessings, in spite of our rocky experiences.

When I was in Seattle I found these sweet little flowers growing amidst the rough, hard surfaces surrounding them.

It didn't seem to matter to these fragile plants that they did not have the perfect "environment" that you see in the Cottage Garden magazine.  
They were going to bloom and grow in spite of the limited choices they had.
And in so doing, their surrounding was beautified by their presence.  

 When our life is looking like it is hard to bear, may we get on our knees and dig deep within, creating beauty where we believed there was no place left for any.

"How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence."  ~Benjamin Disraeli  

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