April 20, 2011

The Weight Is On

Just to clarify things, I am not proud of this.


Back when I first posted about my shocking weight revelation I thought the scale was unbalanced.

But it has gotten worse.

You know how the needle on a broken scale goes around and around?
Well, there you have it!

How can that be?!
(Let me count the ways.)

I have vowed to do something about it because I have now moved my,
"I will never get to that weight" limit  several times!
In the bigger size direction!

I am trying to be realistic here.
So for starters I want to be honest about the facts.

#1  I cannot be sure that even if I make adjustments I will change the numbers on the scale.

#2  I can however control certain factors.

#3  I will eat a smaller portion of the serving I would regularly have.

#4  I will walk at least five days a week.

#5  I will drink water before I eat.

#6  I will only eat when I am hungry, not 'just because'.

#7  I will stop eating as soon as I feel full.  I will not stuff myself.

#8  I will find other ways to feed my emotional stress ors (stress ors are little whiny, needy people who beg to be fed sugary, fatty food, promising relief from life when a Denial trip is not an option.)

#9  I will only eat one big treat a day.

#10  I will look myself in the eye and remind myself that I am loveable and loved.

Doing these things will not guarantee weight loss results,
but they are things I can be proactive about.

I have been acting like the victim within my body, 
yet I am the one feeding her. 

I am now ready to take accountability and to face that fact.

P.S.  I just noticed that it was exactly a year ago this same month that my pounds were brought to my attention and started to weigh heavy on me.


  1. It's always the same this time of year because we come out of the winter-feeding time! And then it begins to get warm and we try once again, to put on our "cute-little" Spring outfits, thinking after months of trying to stay warm with food, we will somehow convince our body that the object of our love affair is now the enemy that must be killed and destroyed!

    Not having any doubts as to your determination and hopeful success, of course! Lol!!

  2. It has been determined by the medical profession that if you don't eat much that your body believes it needs fat reserves because it might be starving. I know two people who were told this by the doctor and actually increased the number of times they ate (but not sweets or junk!) and they LOST weight! Maybe you could try that. If you ate six times - they can be small meals, but healthy foods - but REGULARLY so that your body didn't go into panic mode and hold onto the calories - you might lose weight.


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