February 18, 2011

A Thriving Survivor

After the holidays, I found a plant on a clearance shelf striving to find some much needed light to survive.

Here is her story.

How could I help?
The only real green thumb I have is when it accidentally gets spray painted while I am working on a project.

But as I wrote, I loved the symbolism it held for me so I carefully read and followed the directions hoping with care, my plant would get a second life.

It has!

I moved her to a different location with more light to encourage growth, and grow she did.

I do not know if she will flower again and if so, what I will get.
Especially after reading this in the directions:

Amaryllis bulbs that have been forced, may be forced again the following year or transplanted into the garden.  The flowers however, may be smaller with fewer blooms.

We are technically in the same year (I think).
And I am not sure what "forced" means in this sense.
I anxiously await to see whether she will bloom or not.

Truthfully, of course I hope she blooms!
But if she doesn't that is o.k. with me too, because she is alive.
And that is what my goal was when I saw her forcing her head out of the packaging.

Again, I think of my own life.

In some ways I too had a "forced" life.
And I have also been transplanted a few times.

I believe that some of my blooms may be smaller because of this.
And yet I continue to bloom.
It may not be accurate to say, since I am the one judging myself,
But my blossoms seem to be increasing in size.
At least that is what it feels like inside.

I believe in the end, it is how we feel inside.
Are we alive and growing?
Are we trying to bring forth our best blossoms?
Are we reaching for the Light and then using it for our best good?

We are all sent here to reach for our highest potential.
If we are not reaching it, per chance it is time for us to find an environment which encourages that?


Please share your growing tips with us.
Thank you.

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

 ''She saw every ending as a new beginning. Celebrate her resiliency."~Kobi Yamada



  1. Reyna, I feel a bit like your amaryllis plant in that I have been transplanted into a new situation and new ground with no promise of any sort of blooming. Yet I still feel like I can blossom and flourish.

  2. You ARE flourishing and preparing to blossom.

    Do not get discouraged just because you cannot see the growth that is happening deep inside!

  3. I understand your amaryllis because I've been there and still, there. But, the bloom is the sign of hope. I'm so excited that she has perked up and is a survivor.


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