February 10, 2011

Who's Going To Call A Time Out?

Time-outs in sports are used for various reasons:

If there is uncertainty as to what to do next,
If there needs to be a change to the original game plan,
To strategically try to throw off the opponents' momentum,
And possibly most often, if there is a  need to regroup, calm down, or
to get back on the right track, hopefully stopping the behavior before it spirals out-of-control.

This may be done with honest and firm bluntness from the leader, mixed with encouragement.
All done in hope of a better outcome.

But what about in our personal lives?
Do you ever feel a need for a time-out to be called?
And who is going to be the one to make the decision to stop the game and make that call?

As I was looking around for a coach or team captain or helpful fan to give me direction , there was no one in sight (except my dog).

It sure felt and seemed like the call needed to be made.
The game of my life was in desperate need of some regrouping and a reminder of the purpose of it all.
I was headed off track if something didn't change and soon.

But where was The Help?
The enforcer?
The motivator?

You are looking at her baby!

You've got to be kidding me!?

I used to tell my children it was time to call it a night after hours on the computer or working on a project; when the zombie-mode had set in.
As a single woman the idea that someone else would see the need I was ignoring and call me on it, seemed like a pretty appealing idea to me.

As I look back I did have a loving Father, God who continually tried to warn me when I was off, I just didn't always listen and/or obey.  He would respect my choice and not force me to call for a time-out if I chose not to.

The simple truth is that it is up to me to seek help when I am uncertain (my waning self-esteem), or unsure of what to do next (because my finances or health need attention) and especially when the original game plan has changed (as my dreams are altered).
To know when to humbly ask for adapt-ability. 

And yes, there may be times when I need to be aware of my opponent gaining momentum through influence on me (repeating defeating messages) and to call a much needed time-out to get clear again.

Because life is constantly full of unexpecteds I will need to be the one who intuitively and instinctively needs to get in a huddle on my knees and pray, asking for words of promise and faith and direction and then hold ME accountable to get back in the game and make a winning difference/change. 

Time-outs can save a game!

"Achieving balance in life (or basketball) requires great, great effort, desire, and alertness.  Life is complicated, and it's easy to get things totally out of balance.  That's when you have a problem."~ John Wooden

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  1. Reyna, I adore what you shared because I related to it so well. I'm single and so used to looking after everyone (but myself). I tend to wear myself thin until it's too late.

    Today in fact, I was doing something and realized I had made a goofy mistake and the first thing I said to myself was, "What an idiot you are, Simone." I answered myself immediately by saying, "No I'm not."

    I need to look more to God for the "time out" signal and know when to call it a day. Thank you my friend.


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