February 24, 2011

Day In And Day Out

(I found this in a September archive of drafts.  I have no idea why I did not just post it then as it appeared to be complete.  So I am sharing it now.)

Does that ever happen to you?

Where you feel like your life is just going through monotonous motions?

I am not referring to the Zombie phase.
The one where you are not able to function.
Like after my divorce,
Or when I was struggling with overcoming abuse.

But the one where it is just another day in,
and another day out.

With no momentous happenings?

I am talking about those days that pop up once in awhile.
The ones where I feel like I am starring in Groundhog Day.
Where I am repeating the actions of my days.
With no subsequent changes, no subsequent growth.
And yet I continue doing the same thing.

Well, I had one of those a few days ago.

It made me ponder what I was doing in my life.

What I was doing with my life.

To ask myself if there was a better way.

I think so.
I know so.

On one hand I should be relieved.
I have no pressing emergencies,
No crisis'.

But I also am not experiencing a lot of excitement either.

Just a typical day on the ranch,
(well, except that I live in the heart of the city.)

On the other hand, precisely for that reason, ( that life is mellow) I can be proactive.

What am I doing to make the best of my days?

To make the best of my life?

Do I ask myself, "Why has the Lord brought me here today?" as Sheri Dew suggests.

And then do I look for ways to build up the people within my perimeters of influence?

She suggests five thoughts about our impact, our ability to influence:

1.  We have more influence than we think.

2.  Righteous influence is a spiritual gift.

3.  Influence is not about elevating self, but lifting others.

4.  It is not possible Not to have influence.

5.  Our influence has no limit and no end. 

After pondering these ideas, I feel a sense of obligation.
A responsibility for my influence on others.
A need for optimism.
(Since I have been known to be a candidate for the pessimist-poster-child.)

If good starts with me, it will spread outward.

Like Phil in the movie, I will endeavor to change my life a little each day.
So that in the end, those around me will be better people,
And I will be too.

If I am blessed with a day coming in,
then it is only fair that I will bless a life going out.

“We cannot escape the influence our lives have upon the lives of others.”~ Thomas S. Monson



  1. Reyna,
    It's so true that we can affect others with our actions and thoughts. If we all show compassion and empathy everyone grows stronger.

  2. True. Sometimes we need those days to sit back and realize what He is calling us to do....those are called Thinking Days. Don't do, just be. Good post, Reyna.

  3. This was so inspiring to me today, Reyna. I'm going through a real "dry" period -- both creatively and spiritually (which is why I haven't been blogging much lately). I feel a bit purposeless, like I don't see any fruit. Thanks for the reminder that God can use even our smallest acts and faithfulness to bring about His purposes. :)


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