January 5, 2011

You Are A Survivor!

In spite of the odds have you overcome a tragedy or trial?

If you were a plant, is this what you would look like?

I still am not a "professional" blogger who always has my camera handy- just in case.
Had the photo been taken inside the store (instead of my house), it would have shown shelves of pots with shriveled bulbs or dead plants, with this one mixed in.

I was drawn to it.
This plant was determined to live.
Refusing to accept that no one had chosen it,
that it was a reject so to speak, now in the clearance section.
Refusing to accept that it was more than half way through its' growth stage.
That according to the packaging it only had a few more weeks to live.
None of that seemed to matter.
It was a survivor.

I could not walk away from it.
That was me in a pot.
In my past plant-life-form.
I too had been a reject,
Someone too had tried to get rid of me.
And yes, I suppose I am more than halfway through my growth stage,
(hopefully with more than a few weeks to live.)
But none of that mattered.

I must have wanted to live bad enough to force my head into the world.
To say, "I am here and still very much alive."
I am a Red Lion.
Nourish me and I will bloom into a beautiful red flower.

All who are here have overcome an adversity in one way or another.
You are all survivors!
Did you realize how hard you had to work to be here?
(Try climbing into a box and closing the lid with just enough space for your hand to fit in and then try sticking your head through it.)
Well, maybe not...

Do you realize that you have blesssed someone's life by blooming?!!!
You too are very much alive!
Never forget that!

"Look at us, said the violets blooming at her feet, all last winter we slept in the seeming death but at the right time God awakened us, and here we are to comfort you."  ~Edward Payson Rod



  1. Oh, I love this post Reyna! A true survivor indeed :)

  2. Reyna, I relate so much to this! I'm that flower that somehow found a way to live through some tough stuff in my life. Hope there's a very happy ending for your new plant.

  3. Reyna, that post really resonated with me. I now feel very much alive and hope I can return something to the "universal pot" with my own blooming. You're own blooming on this blog has given me inspiration and guidance as well and I thank you.

  4. Very profound indeed. If something doesn't kill us, it will strengthen us.

  5. I have been truly blessed in this life by so many; my parents, my siblings, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, my child. And you - you have SO blessed my life by blooming. I thank the universe for you.

  6. What a wonderful garden is growing in my world with ALL you beautiful flowers of supporters!



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