August 13, 2010

A Personalized Touch: Stories Shared From Others' Hearts


 Q. What did it take to get your attention about how important life is?

A.  I think my attention was enticed by the alternative to my ideal.  I have a pretty vivid imagination and I don't like to settle.  I want the whole pie, and I want to make it too because no one else can make it as good as me!
By pie I really mean my life plan.
For awhile I was letting something else drive my life or concoct my pastries.  And the places I was going and the things I was eating were not as good as I imagined they would be.

I had to figure out what went wrong.
But it was not a matter of the wrong ingredient or a wrong turn.  It was the chef or the driver.
I needed to get in touch with an earlier version of myself that was not willing to let anyone else lead my show.

I think taking a good look at my situation helped me realize how important life is.
There are quite a few things that contributed so I will just list them in no particular order.

First, it must have been divine intervention because I am not a very good listener.

Second, it was boredom of boredom.  I wanted to see what it was like to do nothing, but I got tired of it.

Third, I was getting within short range of things I knew I didn't like and it scared me a little bit.

Fourth, it was the lack of enormous amounts of money, and crappy jobs.

Fifth, it was missing close relationships with people I cared about or would care about in the future.  And reflecting on the influence I was having on people who looked up to me.

Sixth, it was competitiveness that pushed me not to settle.

Seventh, was curiosity.  I wanted to know what else was out there, and to experience it.  Why were some other people so motivated?

Eighth, was getting away from all the pressures and outside influences in my life.

Ninth, was simply maturing with age.

Tenth, was all these things happening at once.

Thanks Robert!


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