May 17, 2010

The Fast is Over

Welcome Back!

About the media fast-

We were counseled at church to try to fast for one week from
media unless it was absolutely necessary to use it.
The purpose as I understood it was to spend more time 
with the ones we love, read more wholesome, uplifting words, 
communicate more with loved ones and have more 'quiet' moments to 'spiritually' hear.

How my week worked out-

It just so happened I had an extremely busy week so I do not think I would have used the 
media much anyway but I did notice a difference.

I learned that although I did not watch much news (I had company and they were not doing the fast), the world still went on without me!

I went to bed earlier because 'just checking something' on the internet did not turn into three hours later!

I had more time to get ready for work in the morning because I did not have to 'stay tuned' for the next news story.

I realize I use more 'background noise' than I thought.

I missed 'writing' in here.

I had more time to 'contemplate' and to 'hear' ideas and feelings.  Something that was really important and vital to me this past week.

Most of all that it was a good exercise that I would do again.

"And it came to pass when they heard the voice, and beheld that it was not a voice of thunder, neither was it a voice of a great tumultuous noise, but behold, it was a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul-" ~Helaman 5:30


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  1. Welcome back :)


    Dice up some chicken and cook in a wok with a little bit of oil or water and whatever seasonings you would like. I used Wildtree Asian Seasoning blend.

    Then add desired veggies - fresh are better but I used a frozer stir fry blend, added pineapple chunks and sweetened jalepenos for some kick.

    Stir fry together for about 10 minutes (longer if veggies are frozen).

    I also added a Tablespoon of Kikkoman's sweet and sour sauce.

    Then just tear up some lettuce leaves and serve. SOOOOO GOOD!!


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